Cashless Guru Vendors

Vending with Cashless Guru couldn’t be easier.

  1. Register as a vendor.
  2. Choose your equipment.
  3. Configure your products & categories.
  4. Choose which ordering methods should be available (Table Service or Counter Service).
  5. Print your Cashless Guru ordering PDF to place on your tables or somewhere convenient for your customers to scan.
  6. Start accepting orders.

services available for vendors include:

  • Track & Trace (in line with UK Government guidelines)
  • Table Service
  • Counter Service
  • Wristband Payment Terminals

I have received an invite

If you have received an invite link from a venue, event or festival which is using Cashless Guru you should follow the instructions included within.

I have not received an invite

If you have not received an invite as a vendor you can register yourself and start accept payments at events using Cashless Guru.

You can register here to become a Cashless Guru vendor.

How do I accept payments?

  1. First you will need to register for your Cashless Guru portal.
  2. Link your Stripe account.
  3. Next you need to define your products.
  4. Once you’ve done that you can print off your QR code.
  5. Choose and install your hardware.
  6. You’re good to go. Payments will be transferred directly to your Stripe account.
If you need to issue a refund to a customer, you can do this via your Cashless Guru portal.

How does table or counter service work?

  1. Customers register online for a Cashless Guru account and top-up their account.
  2. The customer will scan your unique vendor QR code, or enter your vendor address which will take them to your own menu.
  3. They will select their products and when payments are made, a transfer is automatically performed from the Cashless Guru Stripe account to your own Stripe account.
  4. You can check your orders and issue refunds if necessary via your Cashless Guru portal which will work on Mobile, Tablet or Desktop.
  5. To receive orders you will either need a Cashless Guru Order Processor, or you can use your own laptop or tablet – you will require an Internet connection for the service to operate.
  6. If counter service is in use you can either shout orders when they are ready, or you can use a television or computer screen connected to a laptop or other device – it is possible to use the same laptop for both Order Processing and displaying orders ready for collection.

How does the wristband payment service work?

Please be aware we are not currently offering wristband payment solutions during COVID-19.

  1. Customers are either allocated a wrist band on entry, or will purchase a wristband when they enter.
  2. The wristband will then be registered on the Cashless Guru system and top-ups can be applied online or at a top-up counter if the venue or festival has chosen to implement one.
  3. You will need to rent a payment terminal from us, these are rugged, compact devices which can operate on 3G, Wifi or Wired connections. For larger vendors more traditional Point Of Sale (POS) terminals are available to hire.
  4. When a customer wishes to pay they will scan their wrist-band before ordering to ensure there is sufficient balance before proceeding.
  5. Once the order is complete funds will automatically be transferred from the Cashless Guru Stripe account to your own Stripe account.