Frequently Asked Questions - Venues

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No telephone support is available for visitors however the venue or event organiser should be happy to help.


Registration is free of charge.

Whilst operating a venue or event you will require a license for each terminal or screen you wish to use. You can as a venue choose to provide terminals and license codes to vendors as part of the wider Cashless Guru service. They can input the licence into their vendor Cashless Guru portal and no extra charge will be payable.

Click here to be taken to the venue registration page. It is a short form which will only take a few minutes to complete.

No, our service is entirely web based and no app is required. We have found that visitors do not wish to install applications as they already have a web browser perfectly capable of accessing our services. An app will however be introduced in future for those who prefer an app based experience.

Table & Counter Service

Each bar or vendor will need to print and display a QR code specific to their menu. This can be downloaded from their respective cashless guru portals.

Upon scanning this QR code using a mobile device, the device browser will show them a menu where they can select items to purchase.

If they’re unable to scan the QR code, a link can also be  used instead.

If table or counter service  is enabled for the bar/vendor,  there will be an option for the customer to select the type of service they require on their device.

Once the customer has chosen their type of service, selected their desired products they can then checkout. The payment page will have the option for them to enter their payment card details or, if they’re logged in, use their cashless balance.  

If the customer is using counter service they will need to watch or listen for their order number.

All Cashless Guru venues and vendors are technically enabled to issue refunds on any orders placed. This can be done through the Cashless Guru portal. As a venue you may wish to set include a refunds policy in your terms and conditions and set guidance for your bars and vendors. 

If you still have any concerns please message us here.


The first thing they should do is login to their Cashless Guru account and disable the band. Or, if they don’t have access to their account, you as a venue operator can access their account through the portal and disable their band.

Unfortunately we will not compensate them for any money that is spent before the band is disabled.

As a venue you will be given a pool of wristband to dispense as replacements. You should provide information to visitors on arrival regarding the process for replacing lost bands, and whether you wish to charge for replacements.

Once you provide a replacement band you or the guest will need to register it using the cashless portal before being able to use it.

Yes, it is possible to share accounts. As a venue or event you may wish to specify if you allow this depending on your requirements. 

To do this a customer would simply need to associate more than one band with the same account, this can be done under the RFID/NFC section in members. Hence all bands associated with the account will then use the same Cashless Guru balance.

Receiving Orders

You can use a laptop to receive orders, an Internet connection is necessary.

You can also use a Raspberry Pi and touch screen to receive and process orders on a Do It Yourself basis. More information is available here.

We have order processor terminals & POS available for hire at temporary events.

Yes, you can issue refunds to customers using your Cashless Guru Vendor Portal. Funds will be returned to their Cashless Guru wallet and a record of the refund will be kept.

Yes it is possible to receive orders on your phone however it is not the smoothest of user experiences and we would recommend either using a laptop or an order processing terminal.

You can specify the number of tables you have in the ordering settings section using your Cashless Guru Venue Portal.

It can take up to 10 minutes for changes to reflect on the ordering service.

We provide  downloadable PDF documents. These contain your unique vendor QR code which takes visitors directly to your Cashless Guru ordering page. Included in the PDF are instructions on how to order.

You can also download the QR code on its’ own if you wish to make your own instructions.


Visitors will register for a Cashless Guru account and perform a top-up. The money will remain in their Cashless Guru Wallet until it is spent at a vendor, venue or event.

Money is transferred to a venues Stripe account. This happens immediately after a customer places their order.

You will need to create a Stripe Express account which you can do via your Cashless Guru Vendor Portal. Head to the stripe section and you will be guided through the process.

You will need to login directly to stripe to check your Stripe balance. A balance is also shown on your Cashless Guru Venue Portal.

Transfers out of Stripe usually take upto 3 days.  You should consult the Stripe terms and conditions for the latest information.

Upon registering your Stripe account you will be asked to input a sort code and account number. Money will be sent to this account.

1.9% of the overall transaction value will be taken. For a £10 transaction this will be £0.19.


As a venue or event operator it is down to you to handle any problems with third party vendors. In extreme circumstances, for example where a vendor is behaving fraudulently. Please call us immediately. We can, if required, freeze their portal on your behalf and prevent them processing any more orders.

On the other hand if you wish to report an incident with a vendor that isn’t urgent, please email and we will keep a log.

In some cases, specifically where a vendor has undeniably broken terms or the law, we may warn other venues about the problem vendor. Or in extreme cases we may ban them from using our services.

No. It is also not possible as a venue or event to view a vendors order history.

No, all order information is anonymous. Venues and events can only see orders which were placed at service areas which they are operating.