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Information for venues, festivals or events considering using Cashless Guru.

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What services are available?

Wrist band payments  – customers pay using a wrist band.

Mobile phone ordering – customers order using their mobile phone for counter or table service.

Vendor Registration – allow vendors to accept cashless payments whilst at your venue or event.

How does it work?

How much does it cost?

For permanent installations please get in touch for a quote. We can provide on site support for temporary events if required. The service is free to use however support packages and equipment hire costs may be incurred. There are also some credit based features available which are charged on a pay as you go basis. It will cost customers £1 each time they top up, this covers the stripe transaction charge (20p), the remainder is taken as our service charge. Stripe will take 1.6% of all transaction values, we will take a further 0.2%.

Example transaction

Customer Topup:
Customer Charged: 
Stripe Transaction Charge:
Stripe Percentage Charge:
Cashless Guru Takehome:
Vendor Takehome:


What equipment is required?

This can vary depending on what kind of service you’d like to run.

Counter service

It is possible to DIY the counter service with your own equipment, please visit the Do It Yourself page for more information.

Counter Service Requirements

Wristband payments

Our cashless wristband payment solution currently requires us to be on site.

Please get in touch to discuss your needs and we can provide a quote, the following equipment is typically involved:

What happens to the money?

Customers top up their Cashless Guru wallet, money remains in here until it is spent.

When customers spend, a stripe transfer is automatically performed to your stripe account. You will be able to see these in your own Stripe account immediately.

Customers have 7 days from the day of top-up to request a refund for their Cashless Guru wallet. Top-ups are requested and processed online and return to the card which was used to pay.