Available Services

How can we help?

Below are some of the tools and services we offer, if you’d like to contact us we can create you a bespoke package to suit your needs.

Mobile Ordering

Ideal for fulfilling variety of order types across a counter, table service, takeaways and deliveries. 


Sell products or merchandise online.

Incident Reports

Instantaneously report incidents for your premises from a mobile device or laptop. With evidence securely stored in the cloud, accessible when you need it.

Staff Tools

We also have an online suite of tools to help you manage your staff more effectively. For example qualification tracking, staff profiles, document sharing and shift management. 

Wristband Payments

Take payments in a more secure way. Customers use wristbands to make payments from their cashless wallet. Useful for when money may be impractical to handle in a secure manner.

Cashless Campus

If you require a campus wide payment solution for your University, College, School or Corporate buildings Cashless Guru can help.

In addition we also offer other services (aside from payment services) as part of the Cashless Campus package.

Television Advertising

Looking for something to display advertising on screens around your venue or office?

We provide both DIY and pre-installed services. For DIY you will simply need to pay a small subscription fee per screen. If you require a large volume of displays please get in touch for a tailored quote.

Equipment Recycling

You can re-use most of your existing equipment and replace the computer with a Raspberry Pi which will work with our service. This means you can realise the benefits of a cloud based point of sale service.


Your cashless journey starts here

Your first step is to get in touch. Afterwards we will arrange an initial conversation to get an idea of what the deployment might look like and share with you what services we think may be of benefit. We will then make a site visit where we will conduct an initial assessment and feasibility study. Finally we will provide a service quote and  send any additional quotes that may be required for installation. Such as electricians or any structural work that may be necessary for installation.