Cashless Guru Raspberry Pi

The Cashless Guru Raspberry Pi image is based on Raspberry Pi OS (Raspbian Linux) and includes the following additional services:

  1. The Guru Service – this is a python application which provides a local web server to enable adoption and so that we can provide more detailed diagnosis information.
  2. VPN Connectivity to Cashless Guru – enables us to send commands necessary for the system to operate directly to the Raspberry Pi.
  3. Autoboot script to automatically launch a web browser in full screen.
  4. SSH Key allowing our Jenkins server to keep your Raspberry Pi up to date periodically – you can configure update windows.
  5. SSH Key allowing our team access to your Raspberry Pi to diagnose issues remotely.

Get your Hardware

You will need a Raspberry Pi Model 3B as a minimum. If you would like help finding where to buy you can head to the Where to Buy page.

Download the Image

You can download the Cashless Guru Raspberry Pi image using the following link.

Write your SD Card

Individual instructions pages are available for…

Link your Raspberry Pi to Cashless Guru

When your pi first boots up it will connect to the Cashless Guru cloud services and display a code which you will be able to input in your Cashless Guru portal.

If your Pi does not have Internet connectivity it should display a message indicating this, there are some other common communication errors we are able to automatically detect and display on screen.