Welcome To The Tech Zone

Here at Cashless Guru we love technology. We play with physical kit and write code and work closely with Imagicloud, also based in Swansea who look after our global cloud infrastructure hosted on Amazon Web Services & Google Cloud Platform.

We have decided to make our software semi open source and you are free to modify our Raspberry Pi OS build to suit your needs, the code is available publicly on our Github.

Do It Yourself - Raspberry Pi

do it yourself point of sale

There’s no need to buy new equipment to use our software and so we provide a Cashless Guru Raspberry Pi OS image which you can download and use.

This can enable you to re-purpose your existing Point of Sale equipment to use Cashless Guru services. We have step by step guides available and we are hoping to build a community forum where you can share configuration details for various types of touch screens that are currently available.

The Guru

The guru was designed specifically to provide Internet connectivity in harsh environments such as festivals and temporary events.

  1. Battery backup for all components including point of sale terminals.
  2. A local cache to improve service response times.
  3. A stable Internet connection, connect up to 12 connections and the Guru will maintain an active connection at all times.
Guru Flight Case

Service Terminals

point of sale

Our service terminals can be used for a number of purposes including:

  • Point of Sale
  • Balance Checkpoints
  • Entrance Ticket Scanner
  • Cloakroom Service
  • Order Processing
  • Wristband Management
  • Happiness Feedback

Television Display Screens

Our counter service is the primary use for television screens in our context however we also provide an advertising / message display service which can be used with our DIY Raspberry Pi’s.

Upload your images or text using your Cashless Guru portal and configure a terminal to be an advertising screen and your images will display and continue to cycle until you change the images or the terminal is assigned a new function.

television advertising screens