Do it yourself

Setup your own POS

If you just want to use our counter service you can do it yourself. Alternatively for our cashless wristband payment services we will need to be on site. However we are working towards making our wristband payments also DIY, but this is still a little way off. 

do it yourself point of sale

How much will it cost to DIY?

Here's some example prices...

It should possible to equip your venue for less than £1000. Usually we find that most venues already have a television which can be used. So the only cost is the purchase of a Raspberry Pi.

How reliable is it?

As reliable as can be.

Providing you have a good Internet connection and a stable electricity supply the system will operate seamlessly. Our service doesn’t require any physical servers or clunky hardware. Thus it can scale to virtual infinity. It doesn’t matter how many people are buying drinks or topping up, The Cashless Guru has everything under control.

Even so there are a few things you can do to make your service more reliable. We recommend:

  1. Install an Uninterruptible Power Supply (battery backup) on your Internet router. And, preferably, on all other devices which are required for the cashless system to function.
  2. Provision a backup 4G Internet connection and purchase a router capable of automatic connection failover.
  3. For the best Internet connection fail safes we recommend purchasing “A Guru”. Which we will configure prior to sending to your venue. In effect providing you with a local backup which your devices can communicate with. Furthermore it can manage your Internet connections. seamlessly swapping connection within 2 seconds of a outage.
  4. Ensure all your devices are well ventilated. Why not consider installing additional cooling on your Raspberry Pi. That is if temperature is an issue.
  5. Ensure all cables and devices are protected from accidental or deliberate interference. By placing data cables away from power cables.